Theodore (Theo) Greer

I have two primary objectives I strive for every day:

1. Learn at least one thing that makes me a better developer.

2. Contribute posetively to the organization/team I am a part of.

About Me

I remember my first programming class like it was yesterday. The language we were learning was C++, and I remember how fascinated I was with the simple tasks we were completing. I never would have imagined, back then, that I would not be a professional developer when I started my career. While the IT industry has been good to me, there has always been that ever-present curiosity in the back of my mind about what my life would be like, had I been a professional developer for my entire IT career.

I have always been making strides toward my dream of being a Developer. I completed my Bachelor’s degree at Penn State, I’ve worked on minor projects here and there to test/sharpen my skills, and I’ve recently enrolled myself in the coding bootcamp at UCF. After completing the coding bootcamp, I believe I will have the confidence to begin applying for developer positions again. I would love to be able to have the success there, that I have on the end-user, server, and administrative sides of the industry.

As an individual, I am very mild-mannered and supportive. I believe it is this personality trait that has led to my success in my IT career. I am also a very good team-player. I love the idea of succeeding together with other individuals. When on teams, I tend to work extra hard, to make sure I can get my responsibilities completed, and be available for others, should they need help. I have great communication skills, because I speak slow, and tend to be able to understand others very well when they are speaking. And lastly, I am driven by the idea that on the other side of every task/trial, is the knowledge and understanding I need to be better at whatever it is I’m doing.


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